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Lighting up around town and the elusive Yellow Rose by Lone Pint

easy tiger ping pong

We braved the sudden cold front to walk the Creek Show along Waller Creek. We also braved the cold for some sausages, table tennis (Ping-Pong), and beer at Easy Tiger.  

Lone Pint by Yellow Rose

I am so enthused by the Lone Pint Yellow Rose! This is one of the best beers I've had from Texas. It's super hoppy, but also has floral and citrus notes that create a nice accompaniment to the bitterness. Reminds me of the Heady Topper in Vermont. That's high praise for you non beer nerds.  

waller creek light project  

The Creek Show was fun.  

waller creek creek show 2015 floating the waller 

waller creek show the natural unnatural clark richardson 

austin architects clark richardson waller creek 

A beer nerd friend of ours that's also enthused about the Yellow Rose suggested we try the Electric Jellyfish at PHP (Pint House Pizza). It's fairly close to home so we met there Sunday afternoon.  

electric jellyfish php pint house pizza austin beer 

While it is an extremely hoppy beer, it lacked the floral and citrus notes... the result was a bit more challenging to drink. There is suspicion that they've changed the recipe on this most recent batch...  

PHP pint house pizza south austin 

PHP was fun, it's a great concept that was comfortable and extremely affordable. Their beers are only $3 when football is on. Finally I found good use for football. Thanfully they didn't blast the game over the PA system.

#2 son is always happy to spend time with his girlfriend.

We took all the kids to Mozart's Coffee Roasters to enjoy the Holiday Light show, every hour on the hour starting at 6 PM. 

mozart's coffee lake austin holiday light show  

mozart's coffee roasters holiday light show 2015 austin 

Hot Cocoa was enjoyed.  

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