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Lloyd Cole at the Cactus Cafe -UT campus Austin Texas

lloyd cole austin 2015

Lloyd Cole at the Cactus Café, Austin TX 2015 

cactus cafe lloyd cole 2015 austin 

We saw Lloyd fifteen years ago at the Ram's Head Tavern in Annapolis, MD. We had a table next to the chair he played from on stage. I could've untied his shoes from my seat, like he was playing just for the two of us. There was no set list. People made requests, he'd flip through his notebook until he found the song and proceeded to play it. It went on like this for two hours. Kat was anxious to get home as this was our first time leaving the baby (daughter) with a sitter. Lloyd played for another hour after we left...


Lloyd Cole cactus cafe ut austin 

lost weekend lloyd cole austin cactus cafe 2015 

Lloyd played for almost two hours when he said "this is usually the point in the show where you start getting text messages from your sitter... BUT, I expect by now, your oldest child is able to take care of the younger ones. and you don't need a sitter any more". Well, I was floored... he clearly knew his audience.  Yes, we enjoyed the luxury of being able to stay for the whole show.  

Lloyd Cole 2015 tour TX 

Thanks again Lloyd!

Lloyd Cole Cactus Cafe Austin Tx 2015 UT  

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