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Birthdays and Sunshine, February in Central Texas

#1 son has circled the sun once again. He celebrated with his family at Plucker's

plucker's fried cheese sticks 

laptop birthday 

Yeah, that's JUST what he needs, more electronics for gaming. BUT, he's doing well in school and (usually) requires little supervision. So we are keeping our end of the deal and helping attain what he wants as long as he works hard. So there it is... he's getting a laptop.

The weekend arrived with an abundance of sunshine and warm (70's) temperatures. I took a couple of boys to their orchestra solo exam.  

wrms eanes 

eanes middle school orchestra

They both did well.  


I also took his friends to a birthday lunch, Gourdough's Public House again

ping pong at gourdough's public house  

They played Ping-Pong 



They managed to volley a couple times... but mostly... 


there was a lot of chasing down the ball, the guys at the nearest table got hit more than just a few times.

gourdough's austin public house

a round of Shirley Temples for my friends! 

gourdogh's shirley temples cheers 


gourdough's chicken dumpling soup

Chicken Dumpling soup for EVERYBODY! (served with a giant garlic doughnut) 

red room lounge austin wine bar.

Our good friend Connie also made another lap of the sun. She generously hosted a wine party for her friends at the Red Room, everybody really enjoyed and happiness was abundant (if the background girls didn't already make that clear). 

fruit tart 

Pretty girls and pretty fruit tarts too!

Sunday had temps in the low 80's! We made the older two kids go for a stroll with us along SOCO.  

soco austin south congress avenue 


perla's austin patio deck 

We were fortunate enough to get a patio table at Perla's.  

conway royale pei oyster at perla's austin 

We love cold water oysters, and we are glad to have such a variety available at Perla's. #1 son sort of likes oysters, but after having a Conway Royale from Prince Edward Island, Canada... His eyes lit up with excitement, "WOW, THAT WAS REALLY GOOD!". I'll tend to agree, those were exceptionally good oysters. Kat made yet another mention of a possible return trip to our neighbors to the north.  

perla's austin oyster bar pei conway royale 


sunny february day in austin texas on the patio at perla's 

The daughter and I took the sunny side of the table, we made the best of it. 

cheers beer schooner perla's austin 

Where was #2 son while all this fun in the sun was going down? oh.... he was busy biking and hiking with a friend...

 holding hands at the green belt

photo by A. Rains. I saw this later that evening and showed it to him. He shrugged it off and said "she just asked me to, and I couldn't help it". Yes, that's how it often goes.




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