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Eichler was a good dog


eichler the boxer blanco river wimberley fall 

Eichler in the Blanco river, November 2011 

eichler poem on a dog biscuit

I wrote a "POEM" on a dig biscuit, and my dog refused to look at it...

Photo of Eichler July 2010


Back in June (2014), the Vet gave us the bad news, Eichler had a tumor on her heart. I took her to a specialist who gave her 2-6 weeks if we didn't do chemo. I asked several questions and spoke with another owner who had explored chemo and we came to understand it would make her miserable, and might extend her life three to six months. It didn't sound like a good fit for our princess. We chose to make her as comfortable as possible and care for her as long as we could. Kat gets extra credit for all the hours of love and attention she applied to keep Eichler comfy and clean. Eichler seemed to thrive on the chicken dinners and naps in the sun. She'd started to favor spending her time outdoors, sleeping under an oak tree.

eichler the boxer austin

But this last week she could no longer walk.  We had had run out of solutions and she was no longer comfortable.

eichler 2005-2014 

She spent her last day in bed, outside.

Eichler: July 4th 2005-Dec 20th 2014 


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