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Christmas Holiday Party week, 2014

bennis eanes

Eanes Polar Express Parade 

eanes polar express  

I helped #2 son make his Polar Express train car. 

eanes polar express 

I asked him if he'd enjoyed the parade and I got "IT WAS HORRIBLE! NOBODY RECOGNIZED ALL OUR HARD WORK!" uh...OK... 

We enjoyed a couple dinner parties hosted by friends, #2 son managed to find himself in the middle of a bunch of girls. He seemed to be happy with that... 

peche saint 75 austin  

Kat's annual firm party was fun. She works with a bunch of genuinely nice people. 


Exchanged gifts with my Mom before she left for Nebraska. 


The older two were very happy with the books they got from their Uncle David. 

christmas disappointment 

#2 son was not so enthused, "A BOOK!?" He later admitted, "OK, it DOES have one of my favorite stories" 

HCMS beginner orchestra 2014

#1 son played viola with the HCMS beginner orchestra.


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