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Westlake High School Summer Session (Eanes Austin)

The daughter asked to take P.E. during the Summer session. Seemed like an odd request to us, but now I understand. Not only does this fill a required class, allowing the kids more choices and (hopefully) classes that will count towards college credit, but they had a lot of fun. They exercise in the morning, then load onto a school bus for a daily excursion. Destinations include, Roller Skating, Krause Springs, hiking and swimming the Greenbelt, Bowling Alley, Top Golf (fancy driving range with table service). Some days they walked to Barton Creek mall.

I sent her with the underwater camera the day they went to Barton Springs Pool

barton springs pool 

underwater selfie 


barton springs pool austin 

rain at barton springs pool austin 

Final cost of the class was about $350 including daily costs: the kids are responsible for paying their own admission into each place ($18 for top golf, free for the mall etc).

When she asked me for the $18 for Top Golf, I asked "what happens when some kid says they just don't have enough money on them?" Daughter looked me in the eye and said, "THAT never happens" Oh yeah... Westlake. I opened up my wallet and was lucky enough to find one five and a ten.


I think the whole family should sign up for Summer School! 

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