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Fancy Mexican from El Naranjo

We took the kids to one of the nicest Mexican Restaurants in Austin, El Naranjo.

Some people think Mexican food is all tacos and burritos, not true. Just like Americans don't always eat hamburgers... think about it... no, I'll just show you...

el naranjo ceviche 

Everybody LOVED the ceviche (even the daughter who often doesn't care for raw fish). #1 son could've eaten that whole bowl.

nopales salad el naranjo austin 

The BEST nopales salad we ever had! (prickly pear cactus leaves) 

green mole austin el naranjo fancy mexican food 

Pork Chop with a Green Mole and White Beans. 

sea bass mexican el naranjo austin 

Sea Bass with Achiote Sauce, Spinach Tamal and Ix-Ne-Pec sauce 

mole poblano el naranjo austin restaurant 

Duck Breast with Mole Poblano. Funny back-story related to my love of Mole sauce: years back when we lived in Santa Cruz, while dining at the Mexican food place about a block from our home, I ordered the Chicken Mole. Kat's Mom was with us, she's unfamiliar with most Mexican foods. I told the daughter "you should try this, there is actually chocolate in this sauce!". MIL (Mother In Law) quickly jumped in and told her"He's just kidding there is NO chocolate sauce, don't listen to him". "NO, it's true, there IS chocolate in this sauce" I insisted, and so it went for a while till I gave up in defeat.... and just as there should be, I can tell you as it's written on the menu, there IS chocolate in that there Mole Sauce, and it was GOOD!

if MIL ever returns to visit us, I'm gonna take her to El Naranjo, and we will order The Mole Poblano with Duck Breast, that's a promise! 

cochinita pibil austin el naranjo 

Cochinita Pibil, this was always a favorite of mine when I used to travel to Merida, capital city of the Yucatan State. (that was before three kids) 

cheers! el naranjo austin 

Yes, it all tasted as pretty as it looks. 

flan and tres leches el naranjo austin 

everything had been so good, we went ahead with dessert; Flan and Tres Leches  

el naranjo upscale mexican restaurant austin 

The Daughter always loves Tres Leches. 


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