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Closed Canyon, Big Bend Texas State Park

I was thinking that'd we spend all our time at Big Bend National Park. A host at Lajitas suggested the River Road drive through Big Bend State Park. It was solid advice.

river road big bend state park texas


Mexico on the left side of the water. It's noted as a scenic drive. We stopped to do the Closed Canyon trail.

closed canyon big bend state park texas

closed canyon big bend texas

closed canyon big bend texas

Narrow and lots of wind, and shade too. 

big bend closed canyon texas


The daughter stopped here. We weren't positive we could get back up. She opted to stay if we needed somebody to go back to the truck for a rope.

big bend state park closed canyon hike


closed trail hike canyon big bend texas 2014


It was this pool of water that stopped us and sent us back. I probably could've waded across.... but it was time to head back.

closed canyon trail hike big bend texas


yeah, this boulder blocked part of the path. Either over, or squeeze through the hole...

closed canyon trail obstacle texas

I managed to make it through.

dirt clod explosion santa elena river big bend texas mexico border

We stopped at a green portion along the banks of the Santa Elena River. Kat tried to throw a rock over to Mexico. #1 son also attempted the stone throw. BUT he had accidentally selected a giant dirt clod instead of a rock! He gave it his best push and it disolved into a cloud of dirt that engulfed his mother. Amused, she was NOT!


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