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Big Bend National Park, Santa Elena Canyon

big bend national park lajitas texas

Big Bend! the furthest we have ever drug our airstream.

old maverick dirt road big bend santa elena canyon

We opted to take the shorter (off-road) path to Santa Elena Canyon, Old Maverick Rd.

ford off road maverick santa elena canyon big bend

the truck did its job, we arrived a bit shaken by the washboard dirt road... but we made it. 

santa elena canyon big bend national park texas

Santa Elena Canyon! That's Mexico on the left side of the water.

santa elena canyon trail big bend

santa elena canyon shade rock big bend

It was near noon, almost no shade on our side of the canyon. We made frequent stops to take advantage of any we could find. 

big bend national park santa elena canyon trail end

end of the trail. (BIG)

big bend santa elena canyon


big bend national park clean up

We only saw one piece of trash the whole trip. Kat scaled down some rocks to pick it up and drag it back to Austin for recycling.

big bend kids

big bend santa elena river splash

Splashing is always fun, especially when it's 106 degrees outside.

big bend santa elena canyon cactus


big bend hiking with kids

big bend santa elena canyon with kids

steep steps hike at santa elena canyon big bend kids

yeah, those stairs and ramps are steep.

santa elena river canyon big bend mexico

VIVA May-Hee-Coh!

mexico side big bend santa elena

santa elena canyon river big bend national park

big bend shiner beer at castolon

We really appreciated the cold Shiner (and water, and iced tea) we found at Castolon inside the park. The kids enjoyed ice cream sandwiches. 

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