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we were SWAYed (for the most part), and The Brass House Jazz Club

started our week with a Yelp Elite party at the Brass House.

brass house austin jazz club

the room is nice and sound was good.  it's a great place to enjoy some live jazz.

sushi was provided by Piranha, it was enjoyed and appreciated.

live jazz music brass house austin Danielle Reich

the jazz was provided by Danielle Reich.

deji edison dancing at brass house

it's texas, so I can wear my white shoes past labor day (I say white shoes are ok till mid october in central tx).  I like my white shoes SO much, I selected my colorful clowish costume to compliment.  of course Kat looked fanatastic.  the fact is, we'd spent all day working in the yard.  cleaned our selves up and went out for a date. 

abgb austin beer garden brewing industry pilz

we checked out a new brew-pub, ABGB (austin beer garden brewing) 

skyping over beers

kat had her weekly skype with her mom while she sampled a few of their hoppy liquids. 

then we went to SWAY.  the place is popular so we went early and got seated right away.  they've gotten a lot of great press and often listed as one of the best new restaurants in the country. 

sway austin

we had great service.  he was trying to remain positive as the cork for the sparkling wine refused to depart from its bottle orifice. 

prince edward island oysters sway austin thai

the cold water oysters from Prince Edward island were good.  each oyster is smothered in extremely flavorfull toppings.  in the end, the toppings really overpowered the oyster and it had little to contribute.  at $48 for the dozen, I can't say I'd order them again.

fried whole snapper thai at sway austin

we LOVED the open kitchen seating.  we witnessed many live lobsters come to their end.  the whole fried snapper was a popular dish and was sold out by 8 PM.  the aroma of it all was amazing. 

fried whole fish at sway austin thai

jungle curry thai sway austin

Jungle curry (above) and Son-In-Law were the highlight of the meal.  I'd definitely go back for those. 

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