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Peter Hook (of New Order) and the Light.

we saw New Order this summer, without Peter Hook.  The set is now complete, Peter Hook played the Belmont last night. 

Peter Hook New Order Austin TX belmont


they played the Movement album, and the Power, Corruption & Lies album, with a few other songs for the encore.  Oh, Peter also performed in his own opening band, The Slaves of Venus.  they played for a total of nearly three hours. 

peter hook and the light movement austin


Peter Hook new order power corruption and lies austin tx 2013


peter hook & the light austin texas 2013 belmont

and it was a good show.  the crowd was enthusiastic, you could see this pleased Mr. Hook.  I know there are those that don't appreciate his vocals, but he did well for the movement album.  his voice may not be a great match for the PC&L album, but I was glad he did it and I won't criticize the man for it.   

peter hook austin texas belmont frost bank building

peter hook of new order tour 2013 austin tx


peter hook viking 1 bass new order live austin tx

that's some good rockin' for a tuesday night in austin texas.  the frost bank building also played a supporting role.  we call it "the artichoke building".  it was the tallest building in austin when we moved here, not so much today. 

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