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triple digit heat abated by regular swims, and NIWeek convention

Water X4: 

the HOT part of summer is here, tripple digit heat!  we managed to dip in four different swim hole/pool. 

deep eddy pool floppy hat girl austin

Deep Eddy is the oldest pool in texas.  it's spring fed. 

the daughter finally found the perfect floppy hat.  we searched all over two hawaiian islands to find just the right one, and finally found it here in austin texas. 

barton springs austin tx

Barton Springs is also spring fed (we went to the free area just beyond the pool).  although it may appear that beer consumption is ok, it's not.  don't go drinking beer there just because everybody else is. 

officer Hernandez just might jump out of the brush and make you put your beverage in the trash.  you have been warned. 

barton springs austin tx

blanco river wimberley drought level

blanco river, our private river park. 

we also managed to fit another trip to schlitterbahn in this past week.  four swims in seven days, not too hot at all. 


bubblepalooze at the long center austin tx

they had bubbles, booths and bands.  but it was WAY TOO HOT to spend much time there. 

austin ice cream social food truck

mostly, we snacked from food trucks in the shade.  the poblano brownie ice cream was the best thing we had.  it made the effort worth while.  now, I want to try their peanut butter mole ice cream.  make sure you stop and sample some cold treats from the ice cream social truck if you can find it. 

we escaped the heat making the best of tax-free weekend, clothes shopping at the mall.

National Instruments Worldwide Graphic System Design Conference:

NIWeek conference worldwide graphical system design national instruments austin 2013

NIWeek was held at the Austin Convention Center.  indoor air conditioning and technology made for a good mid-week field trip.  I secured the convention badges, they read FUTURE ENGINEER.

jet car land speed record NIWeek austin

#2 son was very impressed with this rocket car attempting to break the land speed record. 

national instruments rocket car

american eagle land speed record

national instruments week austin 2013

They played with flying machines, optical devices, robots (both lego and humanlike), and they filled their pockets with typical convention crap (LED flashlights, frisbees, stylus pens etc).

crash test dummy boy high five

We still go to the Hills three to four times a week, in pursuit of health, wellness and all....

the hills health club gym austin west lake hills

...indoors and out. 

the hills club westlake jogging trail

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