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black party, white party, we do them all.


black party noir bazaar xx austin

we attended a party hosted by XX (Dos Equis)

bazaar noir xx

they had a variety of entertainment, drinks and eats.  we were each given a card to be taken around to four stations to get a punch after some new experience. 

bazaar noir xx austin

the fortune teller girl had a variety of flavors, spicy sweet etc. 

bazaar noir xx austin llama flank

this voo-doo gypsy guy served us some llama flank.  we also had beaver taco at another station. 

chinese girl at the bazaar noir xx austin party

yeah, that's kinda funny.  she gave us a shooter of uni (sea urchin) and raw quail egg. 

bazaar noir xx band

the band was pretty good. 

bazaar noir austin dos equis

the dancers were pretty good. 

bazaar noir xx party austin

"AUSTIN!!!  are you horny tonight?" (nobody responded, just the sound of people chatting and shuffling about.  she repeated the question)

"AUSTIN!!!  are you HORNY TONIGHT!!"  this time there were audible groans and a few unenthusiastic "noooo".  she left it like that.  people in austin might be a bit jaded.  not going to fall for the old "are you horny?" type of pandering. 

it was fun. 


white linen second district austin

White Linen night was sponsored by Tito's Vodka.  many of the shops and galleries in the 2nd street district were open with free drinks.  we enjoyed a pineapple and jalapeno (with Tito's) at the Big Ass Canvas Gallery.

then we went to the afterparty at Bonneville.

white linen afterparty austin bonneville 

White mule!  like a Moscow Mule, but they are cucumber infused. 

bonneville austin white linen afterparty

tito's vodka white mule bonneville austin white linen party

it was a great party.  free cocktails and appetizers.  we sat at the bar and ordered the Toasted Orrecchiette Pasta: House-Made Veal Meatballs and Local Braising Greens, Veal Jus.

it was really good.  kat was surprised by how much she enjoyed it.  I'd easily recommend it. 

white linen after party austin bonneville

I made a new friend.  this is how I do it: the bartender asked if I was OK.  I replied, we're thirsty, and so are my friends (motioned to the girls next to me).  he came back with four white mules and the girls were very impressed.  yeah, I can impress girls with free cocktails all day/night long. 

bonneville austin kitchen

I like to peek in the kitchen, I got caught. 


carillon austin kid dinner

we took the kids to eat at Carillon.  they no longer do happy hour.  we enjoyed it all the same. 

carillon austin escolar

escolar above, an amazing dessert below made from olive oil, sponge cake and bacon brittle. 

oilive oil gelato sponge cake carillon


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