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licking some salt in July

#1 son has been reading and writing on yelp.  while browsing there, he found out about Franklin BBQ here in Austin.  they've received a great deal of press lately, reported to be the best BBQ... .  He was excited to go try it.  but first, we freshed up on another notable brisket offering. 

Salt Lick in Driftwood, TX

smoke pit salt lick driftwood texas austin bbq 

bbq cut station salt lick driftwood tx austin

burnt brisket from salt lick driftwood 

the "burnt" cut was my favorite.  composed of the crispy end bits.... it's better than bacon!

black dress with white polka dots and red trim

wife and I had a date night.  I waited until she was dressed so I could follow her lead and selected my clothes to match.  I took her to my new favorite stop for cocktails and small bites, Bar Congress

this tiny room is tucked between Congress (restaurant) and Second BAR+KITCHEN

shishito peppers bar congress and a pimm's cup austin

that Pimm's cup is refreshing and packed with all sorts of fruits and vegetables.  it's like you get a cocktail and a salad at the same time.  the generous portion of blistered shishito peppers is only $5.

bar congress austin hamachi ceviche

my favorite was the hamachi ceviche! 

next week, FRANKLIN

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