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"EPIC WEEKEND!" New Order ATX, 25 year Louisiana fig licker reunion.

I used to live in lousiana, and I fell in with this group.... 

epic weekend


25 year reunion starck capri


25 years between these two pics. 

epic new order weekend

mulberry happy hour beers austin

the guys all came to austin to see new order.  we started with happy hour at mulberry.

new order austin tx july 2013

epic weekend new order atx

but the most memorable moments from the "EPIC WEEKEND!" happened at the hotel. 

hotel hallway buffet

precious moments such as, the hotel hallway buffet!

hotel hallway buffet (rooms service to hall service)

hotel dude dogplie "I'm gonna make you my friend"

the all dude dogpiles.... "I want to get ON YOU!  I'm gonna make you my friend"

guy on guy on guy "i love y'all"

"I love Y'All!!"


or the time about 100 rowdy hotel guests took over the pool. 

hotel pool goes wild

the bartender called security.  he was threatening to shut the whole pool down.  never mind that they were doing about a thousand dollars worth of business an hour...  Nick (security guy) came out with his game face on.  he looked real angry.  let it be known that if there is any diving, people are getting kicked out.  funny thing about some people... you tell them they can't do something, and it only makes them want to do it more.

but then, all of us, new order reunion bromance guys, convenionteers, lobbyists and batchelorette parties.... we all started chanting "NICK! NICK! NICK!"  the guy couldn't help but to smile.  then one of the many bikini clad girls got out of the pool, dripping wet, and gave him a big hug.  then another girl asked for help getting some more drinks...  he was so popular and conflicted.  and then came the can openers, belly flops and cannon balls. 

*let it be known that my wife was not present and would not approve of our behavior*

no diving at the pool


Nick tried to regain control of the situation...  he was outnumbered and we had good a good excuse, "that wasn't a dive, I fell!  I'm poorly coordinated". later that evening, Nick walked through the hotel bar area, the whole room started chanting “NICK, NICK, NICK!” nick smiled, applied his palm to face and walked away.

shamu at the pool atx

there was all sorts of things going on in that tiny pool... much of NSFW.  but I did admire belly flop guy’s shamu act. 


yes, epic weekend.  CHEERS!


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