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Daughter moves to Jr assembly cotillion

dude has big nose

parents are not allowed to the final dance for Jr. assembly cotillion.  we found the country club has a bar area complete with vodka tonic!  bartender asked for my membership number, we are not members.  he said that was ok. 

a bit later I handed the bartender my credit card to close the tab, "we can't take credit cards, only cash..."  I rarely carry much cash, often none.  I surveyed the cash area of my wallet and offered this bit "well this is going be an awkward situation as I don't have that much cash". 

he settled it with "just give me what you've got" 

for Jr assembly the kids have a formal fancy dinner.  they teach table manners and table placement etc.  the daughter LOVED IT!  she's no stranger to eating out, but it was something new to her to have this without the parents.


they did allow parents in for the last thirty minutes of dancing.

toddler with violin

#2 son expressed interest in her violin.

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