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amp shuffle and fermented bean curd test

emotiva amplifier box

fedex delivered this box, 85 lb!

acurus and soundcraftsmen amplifier

it contained a 7 channel amplifier to replace the three above.  I'm actually moving down in power output to about 185 per at 4 ohm.  but the sound is good and the new amp was on sale.

upa-7 in situ

looks good too!

gowalla livestrong nike hoodie prize

we've used gowalla for a couple years now.  it is a location app for iphone, similar to foursquare.  you check in, can exchange or receive virtual items and there is a small chance to receive a real prize.  I won/found the livestrong nike hoodie and it is a real tangible prize!

trio of fermented bean curd

we had some friends over a for fermented bean curd taste test.  I came down with a last minute cold  but managed to power through the fever.

daikon radish

our second attempt at radish cake did not work out well.  too gooey.

spicy tuna roll

our sushi rice also didn't work out so good. 

pork belly braised in wine and truffle

our friends had gone to great trouble to bring additions to the meal.  the best thing we had that night was the item shown above, I don't recall what it's called but the pork belly was braised in shiaoxing wine, black vinegar, and truffles.


went to the RX to stock up on zicam and fever reducer, stopped by uncle billy's brew-que as it was on the way.

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