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tropical storm alex causes second thoughts

 we were supposed to be prepping for our trip to south padre island later this week.  but we noticed tropical storm alex is also scheduled to dump rain on our 4th of july parade.  so we sort of took it easy.

red bud island gluttony

first summer kayak around red bud island and the all you can eat twinkies and ding-dongs were welcomed by the amh youth.

just floated in the shade and enjoyed some mexi-beer with lime.

aviary wine bar

we have a stack of living social/groupon certificates.  took the opportunity to try a few of the non kid friendly places from the list.  had a great time at aviary; a wine bar inside a furniture and housewares store.  we ran into a friend and enjoyed taking a new iphone 4 for a spin.  what good times.  love when we just happen upon people we know and like.  we lived in santa cruz for nearly four years and that never happened.  despite the fact that santa cruz is about 1/100th the size of austin.

snack bar

we also sampled snack bar.  kat can multi-task, read the menu and pour her organic german heffe.

snack bar beaker

water comes in beakers at snack bar.  fun place with a great location.  I do appreciate small menus biut theirs is not that interesting.  kat did enjoy the fish tacos.  also, they only have beer/wine lic here, something to note if you have a taste for cocktails.

we also ate quite a bit of asian food this weekend.  the daughter is starting to have mexican food withdrawls.

chinese bbq austin

I spent most of my spare time trying to install a new carpet kit into the vintage bmw 2002tii.  I had forgotten how much work it was to remove the seats, console, seat belts etc.  turned into a big job and then I find my new carpet kit is incomplete.  I was shorted one piece, scheduled to arrive later this week.  delay, delay, delay.  at least we have red bud island. 

 anybody want to go to RBI this coming wknd?


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