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dancing the day away...

 rio rita's

I am always looking to try something new.  I'd read about the Rio Rita lounge on yelp and it was on the way so...  it was everything we had read about, quirky and odd, intimate and a bit unpolished.  the spiciest bloody mary we ever had along with a nice tree of celery, olives and peppers!  like spicy liquid salad.

world's best bloody mary habanero

kat agreed with all that said this was the best $10 bloody mary in the world. 

the habanero infused tito's did not encourage quick consumption and perhaps delayed us just about five minutes too much...  we were on our way to the califa arts collaborative, a partnership of dancers, musicians and visual arts. 

foot view

all the seats had just filled.  our friend michelle sourced some chairs for us to stand in, behind the back row.  when seated we were looking under the other people who had gotten there just a few minutes before us.  not the best seats in the house, but we didn't complain.  the show was great and worth standing in chairs for.

home with yellow fever, lisa del rosario

Home with Yellow Fever was fun.  I loved watching Lisa Del Rosario jump, dance, sulk, hide and become frustrated with her living roof furniture.  I had to wonder if she even realized there was an audience there observing her emotional fluxuations while alone at home with the music turned up loud. 

jarrett killeen califa arts collaborative 

jarrett killeen delivered a great soundtrack for movements expressing love, loss and attachment; my brief description of the dance piece, Hiding Places choreographed by our friend Michelle Thompson. 

Caroline Wright and Jason Marlow provided the visuals projected on the screen and our friend Caroline also accompanied some of the musical arrangements on her cello 

 caroline wright and michelle thompson 

caroline and michelle take a bow,

califa, jordan moser, caroline wright, orlando canova, oren porterfield. michelle thompson, beth terwilleger

I'll just list the people I know, Jordan Moser, Caroline Wright, Orlando Canova, Oren Porterfield and Beth Terwilleger; another santa cruz resident now living in austin (green shirt).  a big thanks to everybody who helped make that show such a success as we sure enjoyed experiencing it. 

east side to west....

a quick drive from one side of austin to the other to attend a back yard party at a friend's house.  several guys from treachery of others were also there enjoying this fine summer evening, and with a little coaxing took the stage while the first band was on break.

 treachery of others pick-up gig


quick tip: Maiko has happy hour all night on sunday.  reduced beer and sake along with an extensive food and sushi menu.  the smoked pork udon, sliders, qyoza and smoked pork sandwiches are at real bargain prices. 

dumpster dive briefcase

#1 son found a leather briefcase that was being thrown out near his mother's office.  he now has a yelp kit ready to record the every detail. 

gyoza boy

he selected the gyoza and had an enthusiastic approach to the consumption of those dumplings.  he also loves miso soup.

yelping since 2010

taking careful notes.  I'm hoping to see a yelp report crafted from his extensive notes.  I created a form for them to capture greater detail; similar to forms used by a secret shopper.  but let's face it, these two are easy customers.  nothing but four and five star ratings have been issued so far.

unagi avacado roll

I was sharing some unagi and avacado roll with kat when #2 son reached out for some.  he then shoved the whole piece in his mouth.  he was a good eater at maiko.  maybe we need to serve more japanese at home?  #2 son also enjoyed the udon and edamame.


"HEY! STOP, taking my picture"

maiko street scene

sunset on w. 6th with the AMH street team.


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