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have you ever seen a nicer day? I doubt it.

perfect weather, is what we have been a recipient of lately.

we spent the weekend off-grid.  did a little work, but mostly the play, food and wine occupied our time.

glass tile backsplash with grout

I did get the glass tile backsplash grouted and kat assembled the rolling cabinet that slides under the kitchen counter.  we have some cooking gear and have started to stock the kitchen with essentials, salt, beans/rice etc.  maybe we should call it the "plan B estate". 

scrap wood track

the kids made all sorts of things with the small scraps of wood, including this marble and car track and even a see-saw.  amazing the things they can find to do when there is no electricity!  well, I shouldn't say we have NO electricity there in off-grid land...

12v switch panel

behind this door we find an 18 amp-hour sealed gel-cell battery, and a 12 volt fuse box.  the switches are for various LED lighting fixtures and there is even a power point to recharge an iphone or plug in a dvd player or electric blanket for chilly evenings.  the next step will involve a 15 watt solar panel to keep the battery charged.

12 volt led artichoke light

I hacked this artichoke light so it is now 12v LED.  worked really well at lighting up the screen room that is now completely screened in.  the moderate temps made this a fantastic space for sampling grape juices into the evening.


potato and cork off grid garden

our wimberley potato, tomato and shallot garden is growing quickly!  corks make a great growing medium.

and in other news:

phoenix at stubb's april 2010

 kat loves phoenix (the band),  caught another sold out show.

thomas mars (phoenix front man)

 attended the wedding of a friend at the beautiful laguna gloria campus of the austin museum of art.

laguna gloria

austin museum of art laguna gloria

old pics found in camera... from the flaming lips show we took the daughter to in march.

daughter with ear plugs at flaming lips concert

ear plugs made front row tolerable.

Stardeath and White Dwarfs rockin out on the theramin.

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