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one lonely orange chair and a string instrument

we drug a few sheets of drywall into the woods.  I LOATH drywall.  and it doesn't make things easier when you get the thin (cheap) drywall and your drywall screws easily pop right through.  but we got it up and it now feels like a small home.  so I placed the singular orange chair against the drywall for some contrast...

lonely orange chair meets drywall

chairs are for sitting so....

sitting drywall dude

I sat.

the ever expanding expense of child education... the daughter is receiving weekly guitar and piano instructions.  the piano teacher even comes to the house!  she is now preparing for middle school and signed up for orchestra.  this saturday we went to westlake high school orchestra dept so she could sample different instruments and meet the private instructors offering the private (non school) lessons.  her two top choices...


#1 violin

upright string bass

#2 bass


I'd recommend the violin, it's much easier to lug around. Take it from someone who was convinced to play French Horn when I really wanted to play trumpet...

(and no, chicks don't dig the French Horn)


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