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doubling up on the effort

we are making a push for a self imposed deadline on the wimberley off-grid cabins.  hope to get back to at least three trips down a week.

I went down by myself this past saturday and managed to get the last of the drywall up after using a few cans of expanding foam to fill in voids and cracks.

the ceiling still needs insulation and a few sheets of plywood to cover it.


the small area to the right of the door will be covered with birch plywood and will have a small switch board for the LED lighting and a 12 volt power point that will later be connected to a bank of batteries that will later be connected to a few PV panels.  no dates set on the PV panels, maybe in 2011?

I framed in the windows by making boxes from scraps left from the flooring.

next is the tape and mud followed by caulk and prime/paint.  I've noticed that the battery in my logitech pure-fi anywhere and also the ipod have greatly reduced their capacity.  I usually know it is getting near pack-it-up time when the music cuts off.  may have to find a creative solition to the tunes.  it was a bit odd working the last few hrs by myself in the silence.  no ambient noise to block out those other voices...

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