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santa cruz visitor finds antidote for swine flu, king air and an elfin girl

home project!

new sink / old sink

the round vessel sink on the right was a last minute purchase.  we needed a sink asap.  it was purchased at lowe's and was not the first choice and we were sort of stuck with it for a while.  you can see the front if it doesn't even fit on the counter (the front bottom lip hangs off).  we have finally purchased new sinks that fit better.

I just learned that our home had an article written in Innovative Home Magazine.  I've not seen it myself.

our 6kw PV panel array is working.  last month we produced more electricity than we consumed!  because the local utility company paid for 75% of the PV array and installation, we sell it's electricity to them.  we sell at wholesale rate, buy back at a retail rate.  so, even though we made more than we bought, we still had to pay at the end of the exchange.  it was nice to know we are helping offset any carbon footprint and our bill was meager at $36.

matt from santa cruz

our friend Matt came to visit.  he lived across the creek from my mom in the santa cruz mountains.  good margaritas at guero's


happy hour at fino.  they have an antidote for swine flu there. 

swine flu antidote

yes, that was the first cocktail I've enjoyed that had bacon as an ingredient.

getting cured

it fixed me up good.

king air

King Air played at a local pizza parlor that is also part time rock emporium.  pizza was good, the beer flowed freely and the band rocked nicely.


larger size image here

hula hut cazatini

took matt to the hula hut. 

I got the girls tickets to see Cindarella by Ballet Austin for mother's day.  it worked out great!  while the girls found culture at the Long center, we quenched our thirsts at some of the area options.

mulberry austin beer wine food

went to mulberry for a quick brunch before ballet. I have cut my meat consumption down to very little, but if I have to eat pork sausage, it was good with blueberry pancakes at mulberry.  this is one of my new favorite places to snack and take in liquids.  they are downtown but located in a dead end near a small park.  so as we sit outside doing our thing, we can send the kids to play with rocks and such and still keep an eye on them. 

paul and the elfin girl at la condesa

found an elfin girl at La Condesa.  their classico margarita got high marks from us.

then back to amh for salmon, wine and a belgian beer tastings in the screen room.  it was the best mother's day I ever had.  looking forward to next year!

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