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April 27, 2009

Eeyore had another birthday (may be NSFW)

eeyore was a bit gloomy.  me, not so much.


#1 son did a great job in the sack.  was in the top third and that was some serious competition.

they also had a costume contest:

these girls figured Pink Floyd album art on their backs would be a great addition to the costume contest.  the guy in the "F MILK, GOT POT?" shirt seems pretty intersted as well.

little bo peep

I will be a sheep, for little bo peep.

her bunnies had pink noses.  I've run into topless girls in random places in austin, canoeing on lake austin, riding bikes... just not a big deal here.  there were lots of women using paint in lieu of actual cloth.  free to be free.

some of eeyore's birthday cake

best wurst at eeyores

kat was happy to find the best wurst cart.  and they had her grilled onions too!

#1 son had a spirited sword fight with some friends of mine.  I stood back and observed.  a stranger struck up a conversation about all the activity.  he said "that kid looks asian to me".  I agreed and said "I think he's half asian".  the stranger quickly inquired "which half?!".  "my wife's half" was my answer.  he had assumed the sword fighting kids belonged to their opponents, he got so confused and then embarassed.

I took the kids down to the drum circle.  we came prepared with stuff to drum on this year.

it has become a tradition that the kids and I go play in the creek as we leave.

black thai affair

we attended a school fund raiser, a black thai affair.  the open bars and abundant sushi buffet was surely a nice luxury after spending the day in the dust with the hippies.

we went to a birthday party at Peter Pan mini golf sunday morning.

the cashier at peter pann.




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April 24, 2009

fine arts at eanes and My Bloody Valentine

some things remain constant.  kids love to roll down hills.  as long as there are grassy hills and kids, there will be this simple expression of gravity. he rolled down the hill while his sister sang with the fourth grade for fine arts night.


she also played the glockenspiel.


a man of many talents, Mr VanDyke.  he's about the coolest teacher any kid could ask to have and my daughter is already upset by the fact that the school year is about to end.

is hula hooping a fine art?

menage a trois,  birthday party, pizza party, and thanks for watching the kids while we had a MY BLOODY VALENTINE evening. 

lift to experience

the opening band was Lift to Experience.  if you are into psychadelic, appocolyptic, mind bending songs about Jesus and the sword of God, they just might be what you are looking for.

if you are thinking the pic above is a a bit distorted... that would be an accurate evaluation of the performance.  it also greatly resembles the cover of their album Loveless.  the show was LOUD!  they passed out ear plugs upon entry to the austin music hall.  even with ear plugs, my ears rang for 48 hours after the show.  kat said she wished she could have understood the lyrics.  I assured her that it was an accurate recreation of their recorded music, just as distorted and blurry.

we spent some time before the show with our friend chad wadsworth, his pics of the show are posted at the http://austinist.com/2009/04/22/snapshots_my_bloody_valentine_austi.php


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April 20, 2009

eames chair museum

uncle david

kat's brother came to see us this past week.

she got her new guitar.  it does sound better and she does appreciate the lighter weight.

blanton art museum

we attended the blanton art museum's members appreciation party.  open bar, great food and we got to see their "birth of the cool" exhibit.  it featured california design and lifestyle of the 50's.  large images from case study homes, many items from charles and ray eames and also a lot of jazz related items including some great black and white photography.

you can see we are still having fun with our in camera stitch mode.  however, you can see it reached it's limits with the crowd of people all milling about. 


photography was not permitted in the exhibit areas, so I recreated some of it below to give you an idea what the exhibit is all about...

amh eames chair collection

yes, it was amusing to go through the exhibit and say "hey, that is just like our chair",  (disclaimer-our LCW on the right is not an authentic herman miller produced item but a "reproduction)

had some fun outside the blanton.  they had provided hula-hoops for us, but we preferred this interactive rubber spaghetti

he loves to play with the drums, the guitars and the new piano.

our first home grown salad from kat's garden!  

enjoyed the FRESH salad at friends house for sushi and sake evening.


the sushi turned out great!

spicy tuna rolls

I made some spicy tuna roll and seared ahi tuna.

had a great latin jazz brunch at Azul Tequila.  the sopes were great, as was the pozole.  it was great to get some live music in as we filled our bellies.  live music was provided by The Bonobos (Felix Perez and company)





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April 13, 2009

egg-zachary, some hippies, louisianans and an ex-smith!


harvesting eggs.

easter clothes

sunday hippie church at maria's taco xpress

PJ singing gospel at maria's taco xpress (sunday hippie church).

he really likes her hat.

she caught a bubble.

we had friends in from lafayette for the weekend, stopped by the Hula Hut.  Harrison (on left) had ordered a drink that claimed "serves two".  I don't think Nate (right) was too thrilled at the option of sharing the drink.

negra modelo

at guero's

kat and I saw Morrissey at the Bass concert hall after a nice meal at the Hyde Park bar and grill.




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April 06, 2009

basil harvest and sake

we have an abundance of fresh basil.  this was our first harvest of 2009.

I took advantage of our fresh basil crop to make a classic margherita pizza, named for Queen Margherita of Savoy.

We had another fund raiser for the Eanes school district here this past weekend.  Jason and Holly co-hosted. 

our guests enjoyed sushi, sake and more karaoke. 

chopsticks and sake boxes

clean up is complete.

kat making her weekly phone call to her mom.


blue bonnets mark the arrival of spring in central texas.

central texas blue bonnets

he now enjoys whole milk.

is still at between 75 and 90% on the growth charts.

loves the udon noodles, he does.

I found her practicing her guitar outside by the koi pond.  marvin seemed to enjoy the entertainment.

she has always complained that her guitar was too heavy, the strap hurts her shoulder.  her current axe is not exactly a precision made instrument, more of a learner's model.  we stopped by a guitar store and she found a line of guitars designed by/for women, daisy rocks.  they feature light weight bodies, narrower necks and a shorter scale.  she found two models she really liked.  Kat also found the full size keyboard piano she has had her eye on is suddenly marked WAY down, recession benefit?  #1 son is likely to start piano lessons soon.

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April 02, 2009

there is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in-leonard cohen

we had a lovely evening at the Long Center for the Performing Arts.  the weather was perfect and we started by enjoying beverages outdoors.

Leonard Cohen put on a great performance.  he played for around 90 minutes for his first set.  one highlight was The Future, an especially dark song that had some levity inserted for the live version.  when he sang "white man dancing", he did a little jig.  this drew a great response from the audience, glad to see the man born in 1934 can still move.  the second time that line rolled around, he changed it to "white girls dancing" and we all laughed as the webb sisters did cartwheels!  I also noticed that his 2009 version of The Future replaced the word "anal" with "careless".  so last night he sang "give me crack and careless sex".  It's his song so he can change it if he likes.

we went out on the mezzanine level deck for of a glass of wine at intermission .

panoramic in camera stitching above.  how many dudes to you see?  (larger image here)

leonard cohen

then we got another 90 minutes of music.  mr. Cohen was very humble and appreciative of the enthusiastic crowd.  he played a good bit of the show kneeling before the audience. 

bass player was also his musical director, roscoe beck from austin.

it was a magical evening.  the Long Center was a fantastic venue and the crowd was such a diverse mix of people.  I love seeing the women in their black evening gowns next to some aging rockabilly types folks chatting it up with some younger punks.  a great mixing pot we have here.  all united by their passion for music.

an interesting feature of the Long Center is that large disc that resembles a planetary ring.  it was a recycled element left over from the Palmer auditorium that was there before.  one of those big bulbous dome buildings.  they demolished the building but left that portion standing to be used in the new space.  green construction for sure, builders recycled 95 percent of the material from the Palmer Auditorium and reused it in the creation of the Long Center.


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