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there is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in-leonard cohen

we had a lovely evening at the Long Center for the Performing Arts.  the weather was perfect and we started by enjoying beverages outdoors.

Leonard Cohen put on a great performance.  he played for around 90 minutes for his first set.  one highlight was The Future, an especially dark song that had some levity inserted for the live version.  when he sang "white man dancing", he did a little jig.  this drew a great response from the audience, glad to see the man born in 1934 can still move.  the second time that line rolled around, he changed it to "white girls dancing" and we all laughed as the webb sisters did cartwheels!  I also noticed that his 2009 version of The Future replaced the word "anal" with "careless".  so last night he sang "give me crack and careless sex".  It's his song so he can change it if he likes.

we went out on the mezzanine level deck for of a glass of wine at intermission .

panoramic in camera stitching above.  how many dudes to you see?  (larger image here)

leonard cohen

then we got another 90 minutes of music.  mr. Cohen was very humble and appreciative of the enthusiastic crowd.  he played a good bit of the show kneeling before the audience. 

bass player was also his musical director, roscoe beck from austin.

it was a magical evening.  the Long Center was a fantastic venue and the crowd was such a diverse mix of people.  I love seeing the women in their black evening gowns next to some aging rockabilly types folks chatting it up with some younger punks.  a great mixing pot we have here.  all united by their passion for music.

an interesting feature of the Long Center is that large disc that resembles a planetary ring.  it was a recycled element left over from the Palmer auditorium that was there before.  one of those big bulbous dome buildings.  they demolished the building but left that portion standing to be used in the new space.  green construction for sure, builders recycled 95 percent of the material from the Palmer Auditorium and reused it in the creation of the Long Center.



Hi there - I happened upon your site whilst trying to find the name of a strange orange bird I saw yesterday in the willow trees. You have a beautiful family and your photographs seem to capture each person's spirit so well. I honestly can't think of anyone who has done such a good job of capturing those "little special moments" as I have seen right here. I was moved and I don't even know you. Keep it up - I am sure these will be invaluable treasures someday. Just felt compelled to say that.It also made me realize I need to start taking more pictures of the people in my life and not just do the artsy stuff. :)

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