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pick axe paul the beet farmer

blondie jam session

I happened upon a jam session.  it was great to see the girls playing guitar together.  this is what i had dreamed of, except the dude still can't play guitar.  I've made up my mind that I am going to learn to play at least one song from beginning to end.

veg shitake for dinner

love the fresh shitake mushrooms.  kat has started to count the days until I give up my veg diet.  I told her that I might just keep at it as I can't really see indulging on march 1st.  this news was not well received "OH NO!  it's not fair to the rest of us, don't you remember how much you love bacon?  what about a big cheeseburger?"  OK, now I am thinking about BLT again. 

#1 son's class had a nice valentine's day performance and dance.

while standing up there in front of all the parents he did this: pulled up his pants leg to display this bandaid, bent over and removed bandaid, held it close to his eye for closer inspsection, then applied it to his nose, removed from nose and replaced it on his knee.  he did it THREE times!

I thought it was just the act of a child who was unaware and oblivious to his surroundings.  I asked him if he'd realized what he was doing up there and it turned out I was wrong.  he said he did because he thought it was funny.  so it was an expression of self amusement and I had to respect that.

on our way to the v-day cotillion.

harve benard

kat's new to her harve benard jacket.

the current house projects involve relocating various landscaping elements.

pick axe paul

we have very little dirt beneath our feet.

most any hole requires a pick axe.

I really like physical work.  I've had desk jobs and I found them very unsettling.  I need a new big project.  for now, I dig holes.


I had to drain the rain water from the lap pool cover.  marvin got comfortable along the edge.

I planted these beets about a year ago.  I never water them and the soil is really poor.  and still they thrive despite our drought.  I know, you don't like beets.  but, most people who claim that are basing their opinion from slimy sweet canned beets.  not the same as fresh oven roasted beets with blue cheese crumbled on top.  I think we actually like the beet greens better than the beets.  really, try cooking some up like swiss chard.  I like them with crispy bacon... ohhhh bacon.... (licking lips)

no hallmark card for you.  but I do offer a frower I found growing near the beets




I'm with you on fresh beets - like stealing candy from the food pyramid. And beet greens are one of foods best kept secrets - just owns other leafy greens, spinich, kale, beet tops are the best. A little olive oil and garlic - some mushrooms thrown in too.

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