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orange plastic horsey, scorpions and snakes

#1 son went to a friend's birthday party this past weekend.  they had some creepy crawly entertainment!


he said this centipede will issue a nasty sting and is very common around here... great.




tarantula and many many other bugs and salamanders and snakes etc.


#1 son is not into nature like his sister is.  she would have held the snakes and paid attention.  but he was more interested in his friend's bakugan.


he didn't care to go into the house where they were handling tarantulas.  he just wanted to run and climb.

tumor head horse

I may have over inflated the rody horse.  one side of it's head has a big bulge and the plastic material is thinner there.

didn't seem to detract from the fun and bounciness of it all.

falling off seems to part of the fun/learning process.

thrift store shoe find

kat has a new favorite store.  it's a thrift store operated by the easter seals people.  she loves to go buy what would otherwise expensive clothing for just a few dollars.  some guy who has the same size foot as me must have just dumped off his shoe collection.  it was hard to leave the other six pair of Kenneth Cole shoes on the shelf at less than $10 a pair.  but I already have many many shoes.  three pair did manage to find their way home with us.

 mostly, it's been a crappy head cold week.  we got the taxes done.  next year I might once again lobby to let the CPA do the taxes and leave the turbotax out of it.  CPA never once got stressed out about numbers and receipts etc.  at least we're done.

rainy monday

rainy monday morning.


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