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Stuck here with not much to do...

 I'm giving myself a C in Mental Health. The day is mostly about "what is for dinner?". Then 6PM (5PM Saturday and Sunday) are all about "what can I drink?". 

virus eating metal yard dog 

My college Metal Art class no longer meets. I don't have access to the school metal shop. I have my own mig welder so I email in assignments. This was my creation for the week. It eats any virus found in the yard.

virus eating sculpture 

I've set it free. 

miso ginger glazed cod loin with fennel bulb and orange

One of the nightly dinners. Cod loin with a miso and ginger glaze, fennel bulb and orange juice, roasted beets with black Hawaiian Sea Salt, asparagus with parm cheese.  We also did a blind tasting of three different Rose' wines.


My Mom sold her house. She's moving back to Nebraska. Her belongings are already gone, but she's still here until her house up there is ready.

The best part of this past week..... PIE!

strawberry rhubarb pie 

The Daughter made TWO strawberry rhubarb pies. I taught the kids how to make real whipped cream, so quick and easy. 


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