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Toss another bird in the fryer, and the Jester King

We had a good Thanksgiving feast this year. We had twelve adults and four (almost adult) kids. The prep begins a week ahead of time. The turkey was a 48 hour process with 24 hours in the brine, then we injected him with duck fat and loads of red pepper.

cajun turkey injection  

mad cajun scientist injects bird with spicy serum 

fried turkey drop  

It's been the tradition that the guys all help drop the turkey. It spits a bit of hot oil, just a bit of risk involved in this. 

whole fried turkey thanksgiving 2019 

The turkey came out perfect this year! 

strawberry rhubarb pie home made

The daughter was tasked with providing the strawberry rhubarb pie. Kat made a lemon cheesecake... we ended up with several sweet options to end the meal.  #2 Son helped by taking photos.

sous vide turchetta

The Turchetta also turned out well. This is also a multi day process. The extra effort did pay off.  



Black Friday had us out at Jester King for a special release.  

gojira the stepdog chin 

jester king austin farmhouse beer

jester king more dots 2019 casis beer 


Goji the Japanese Chin sure enjoyed spending time with his stepmom. 

daschund wiener dog loves to drink beer jester king 

Moose liked the More Dots (cassis farmhouse beer) 

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