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Busy, busy bee

Temps are warming and the manual labor has been great. I have worked a lumberjacking job in Lost Creek, dug holes and mixed/poured concrete here (for Kat's new garden).

I installed a new sculpture at the back of the property, along one of the new paths I've made. 

piston tree sculpture paul schuster westlake austin 

Piston Tree Surprise! 

pool layout 78746 west lake hills austin  

The pool company came to do a layout. Have I mentioned we are supposedly getting a new (larger) pool? It will be quite awesome. But their plan had some errors in it that needed to be corrected. They said this would require a "new contract". While we have already signed a contract and agreed on price... I will not easily be convinced to sign a new one, if the price has changed.  

chad wadsworth at wexel gallery  

Our friend Chad Wadsworth had a gallery showing of his photography. It was great fun to get together with some many friends we don't see as often as we'd like.  Chad and I mostly talked about Porsche cars as I've been tempted again....

wexel design chad wadsworth photographer 

Lovely colors! 

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