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A (nearly) decade long musical career comes to conclusion

#1 son started private musical instruction in 2009. He now plays five instruments. We had a long term plan that he would be able to join the Westlake High School Jazz Band, but that didn't work out. He does not plan to rejoin Orchestra. It was bittersweet to attend his final performance with the Westlake Chamber Orchestra.

westlake high school chamber orchestra spring 2018 eanes 

let's zoom in, shall we?


westlake high school orchestra final performance 

again, let's have a close look...

annoyed son doesn't like having picture taken orchestra 

It's like he was sending me his thoughts telepathically. I almost heard his voice in my head, "I don't like having my picture taken!".

I will conclude with the performance, and some highlights of the past.



"That's just the way she goes".

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