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Deconstruction and Preconstruction

The swim spa has been cut into pieces. This week will feature my effort to clean up the area, and haul it all to the dump.

swim spa removal swimspa don't do it.  

We have had more discussion about what to do with our property in Wimberley. The last round of design ideas started with house, and then we tried to make a floorplan fit. That led to so many issues. This time we looked at simple floorplans found on the internet, and I played with house design based on those. This solved the location issues of closets, utility areas, etc. 

One was based on a L-shaped plan, with three bedrooms on one wing, and public areas on the other.   

wimberley modern L floorplan 3 bedroom 

wimberley blanco river modern home 

blanco river rapids estates wimberley tx 

The second was based off of a barn style residence, that also has three bedrooms down the right side, but a larger open area in the middle, and kitchen and dining on the left. This is almost like an H-shaped floorplan.  

wimberley modern home 3 bedroom butterfly roof 

wimberley blacno river modern home  

blanco river rapids wimberley  

Both feature a roof that would drain to one point for rain water collection, and allow installation of solar panels to face southwest. We also agreed to screen the front entry and have minimal windows facing the street.  



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