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CSA Year of the Dog, Chinese New Year

We are now members of the Chinese Society of Austin. We attended their New Year party at New Fortune Restaurant.

summit lion dancers austin csa chinese new year 

Lions and Dragon did their dance.

chinese socity of austin summit lion dance 

The lions enjoyed a meal of red envelopes ($).

chinese new year austin csa summit lion dancers 


The children also enjoyed distribution of red envelopes ($). It's now obvious that we are down to only one "child".

new forune chinese seafood restaurant austin  

There was an abundance of Chinese food for each table, mostly seafood. The fish looked good, it was gone before the lazy Susan circled back to me. New Fortune has opened a second restaurant near us in Westlake, Jade.

I think it's funny that their Westlake restaurant features a bottle and glass of wine on their website. While their location in Chinatown shopping center, likely doesn't serve much wine. The Chinese New Year event was pretty much dry. I saw one guy have a glass of wine, he was a non-Chinese. I've also come to understand that Chinese weddings are also often dry events.


Prizes, many door prizes. Our numbers came up twice.  

westlake high school austin jazz 

A wonderful musical performance from members of the Westlake Jazz Band. 


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