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Blue Palo Verde Box

I'm still not done... I hauled in over two tons of soil this week. Wheel barreled it all UP hill to fill the quarter inch steel containers I constructed to house a Blue Palo Verde tree.

Blue Palo Verde steel landscape container west lake hills 

Kat doesn't like surprises. I try to keep her informed of the plan and I had her choose the siting and box arrangement (a 12" 5ftx5ft box is floating over a 6" tall rectangle).

We sited the upper box first. Our lot has a pretty good slope to it. When it came to install the lower container, half of it was under ground when leveled. The remedy was to spend many hours with my pick axe and shovel leveling an area between the containers and the house. I still need to get some small desert plants and a ton of white limestone chips. But for the most part... I'm over the hump on the Palo Verde project.

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