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Urban bike project and the smelly guest....

I've ridden the same CroMoly Marin MTB for more than 20 years. It's a good bike. I've been looking to buy a new one for a couple years now. Problem is, to get one that is as light weight, I'd have to spend over $1k. There are plenty of nice options in the $500 range, but they are so much heavier. It seems that bike companies have everybody convinced that they need a shock absorber on the fork. It's just not true! Especially if you are not hitting off-road downhill trails. For the urban bike rider, it's fairly easy to learn to hop curbs. Early BMX bikes never had shocks, they were fast and light.

A recent conversation with a sales guy at a local bike store yielded this advice, "why don't you just trick out a light weight bike from back in the day?". He went on to show us his personal bike... 90's era aluminum frame, urban tires/wheels, light weight fork (NO shock).

Let me introduce you to my new project bike.

project urban cannondale 

I got an older Cannondale from Craigslist for $125. It currently weighs in at 30 lb. I'll get rid of the weighty saddle, then I'll address the rusty steel handle bars. Let's see how much weight I can get it to shed.


West Lake Hills Skunk Otis  

The Mastermind Raccoon we have around here are like Mensa smart. This very young skunk is not so bright. I've caught him several times now. He calmly waits for me to let him go in the morning. He doesn't feel threatened by me. It's become routine. He doesn't even want to leave the trap today. I opened it to set him free. He just looked at me and tucked his head under his paw and went to sleep. He seems to have no intentions of leaving us.  

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