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Digby, Nova Scotia and the Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy hosts the most extreme tides in the world.

bay of fundy boats in mud 


When the tide is out, the boats rest on the ocean floor. It's muddy at low tide. Local clam lovers may come walk around in the mud in search of dinner (below).

bay of fundy low tide clam digger nova scotia


Annapolis Royal Nova Scotia 


digby harbor nova scotia 


We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast that is perched high up on a cliff over the Bay of Fundy.

cliffside view digby nova scotia 


Each room has a private balcony to enjoy the view.  

cliffside balcony digby nova scotia 

panorama cliffside digby nov scotia 

(panorama view) 

cliffside bed and breakfast digby nova scotia 


sun set on the bay of fundy cliffside digby nova scotia 


It was a great place to watch the sun set over the bay.

bay of fundy sunset from cliffside digby nova scotia 


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