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Ernie Watts and the Westlake Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Club

westlake jazz eanes isd toby grace drums huxley guitar


I knew they would sound good. Still, we were shocked at just how great they sounded.  Amazing!

Jana Robertson westlake jazz band eanes isd austin  

westlake jazz ensemble horn section with sunglasses 

The horn section surprised everybody when the applied the sunglasses. The joy and enthusiasm from the whole group was infectious. You could see that they were excited to be able to perform.  

westlake jazz club austin tx henry baldwin 2017 

The Jazz Club also did well and sounded great.  

Ernie Watts and the Westlake Jazz Ensemble 2017 with Toby Grace on drums 


Ernie Watts came out and gave us all a wonderful performance. We were all very thankful to have this opportunity. We will definitely continue to attend their future events.



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