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Eeyore's Birthday 2017

Part human circus, part costume party and hippie drum circles... Eeyore had another birthday in Pease Park.

Eeyore's birthday 2017 

met his wife at Eeyore's birthday 

This guy met his wife at Eeyore's, like 30 years ago. This event is an old Austin tradition.

costumes at eeyore's 2017 

eeyore's 2017 dude 

steakpunk at eeyore's 2017 

topless at eeyore's 2017 38 years 

The lady closest to the mic said this was her 38th year to be topless at Eeyore's. I know some people don't like this, but I celebrate her freedom and hope she enjoys many more topless years at Eeyore's.

peter pan at eeyore;s 2017 

The younger generation, starting their own traditions at Eeyore's. Let's see if they can keep coming back for 38 years.

eeyore's birthday austin 2017 

weed man at eeyore's 2017 


The drum circles... 


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