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Well lived in: Towel rack-tastrophy

We are approaching the ten year mark, of living in this house. That's by far the longest I've ever lived any place/home.

The amount of clutter that builds up without regular moves to prompt purging of extras is notable. Just too much stuff, everywhere. I am part of the problem.

I recently noticed the towel rack had been partly pulled from the wall in the kids' bathroom. The drywall anchor had been pulled out, leaving a hole. Nobody had any knowledge of how it came to be in that state. A hole that needed to be dealt with.  

The rack had come from Ikea. Their products are known to be disrespectful of the "16 inch on center" stud placement we have in America. I solved this problem by mounting a six foot long piece of poplar, anchored to each stud. I then firmly attach the racks to the wood. This had a big "while you're in there" cascade of tasks. I scrubbed and resealed the grout, replaced the shower rod, installed baseboard and painted the whole room. We had been in such a rush to get Certificate of Occupancy ten years ago, most of the walls in this room were only covered in primer. Let's hope this freshen up lasts another ten years.

austin modhouse childrens bathroom 


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