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New fixture in progress...

We are in the middle of a mild bathroom renovation downstairs. OK, mostly it's a fixture swap. The old fixture was mounted ON the wall, but not a true wall mount faucet. It was an odd device that I'd found on Ebay.

cast concrete sink with wall mounte fixture 

The old fixture is seen above, back in 2007. It had quit working well this past year. We purchased a new Hans Grohe fixture, ripped the wall apart and had a plumber do the rough-in. I'm going to tile up the wall before we can mount the new faucet.


my project for this week, tile.  

We also replaced the odd red Danish Contemporary sofa and chair upstairs. Ten years with children had caused some serious wear.

red danish modern sofa and chair  

We happened upon a furniture sale at Macy's. The price was too good to walk away from.

jonathan louis sofa from Macy's 

When in doubt, gray always works.  

20 year old natuzzi sofa 

We had a second freezing weather event this winter. That's two more than we had last winter. We enjoyed a lot of quality time near the fireplace. That Natuzzi leather sofa has been with me for more than twenty years. I special ordered it, from Italy. It cost a lot, to me at the time. But it's one of those examples of buying quality can pay off in the long term.  I've stripped and re-dyed the leather three times in that time.


I took a portrait of a very special beer, Spon from Jester King. I thought the flowers were even more interesting in their end of life state.

jester king spon methode gueuze 2016 


for the photo geeks, the BTS is below. 

behind the scene portrait jester king spon 1 portrait bts 

Our X5 35D has spent a week at the dealer. I'm having them check an electrical issue related to our messy return trip from Dallas. The dealer here is one of the top rated in the US. They have 225 new model loaner cars. I get a loaner even if I'm taking it in for oil service so I don't have to wait. This has been my car for the last week:

bmw of austin 428i 2016 loaner 

One of my favorite cars I ever owned was a Porsche 944. That car was so easy and fun to drive. I loved road trips in the 944. This 428i is probably the closest driving experience I've had since. The way it takes the corners with its 50/50 weight distribution, I like it.  

bmw of austin loaner  

This car has been SO much fun to drive. I much prefer the sports car style seating over the upright position of the X5. But the family is less impressed. The rear seat accommodations are notably less than what they are used to. That said, I think we're all ready to get our old car back soon.

For fun, I figured I'd see what a similarly equipped 428i would cost. I had a good laugh when I quickly found the exact car I'm driving listed on their site:


52k... I think I'll buy some new windows for the house in VT before I get another sports car. I've appreciated it this past week all the same.


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