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Best burger in town? and No Knead Bread?

trace austin w hotel

The Daughter had another birthday. She chose to go to Trace at the W Hotel. She really likes the burger there. We marveled at the bread served at Trace, sourced from Easy Tiger Bakery. This lead to a few other ideas.

#1: Where is the BEST burger in Austin? Many claim it can be found at Kick Drum Burger truck, often found at Hops and Grains Brewery. So we did what we had to... 

hops and grains mosaic beer austin 

That Mosaic is still the best beer in Austin and the Kick Drum Burger was really good.  

kick drum burger hops and grains

kids at hops and grains 

#2: Can we make bread at home as well as Easy Tiger bread? 

I've been playing around with the Better No Knead Bread Recipe by Kenji Lopez Alt. It works well, we double it. The three pics below are of the Better No Knead bread.

better no knead bread by kenji 

better no knead bread recipe by kenji lopez alt 

better no knead bread recipe by kenji lopez alt 

The No-Knead was not as good as the bread from Easy Tiger. So Kat decided to try making bread the regular way (shown below). Using a recipe from a baker's book, the process required more labor, but did not match the quality of either No-Knead or Easy Tiger. Her kneaded bread is seen below. The baguette did turn out well, but still not as good as one from a good bakery. She's going to try a no-knead baguette recipe next.  

how to bake rustic bread recipe 

how to bake baguette 


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