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T'was the week before Christmas...

This week was filled with Holiday parties and performances. 

merry beary christmas eanes 2015

My mom made #2 son a Teddy Bear costume for the school Beary Merry Christmas song and dance performance. They all put in an amazing effort.

merry beary christmas 

merry beary christmas eane 2015 


merry beary christmas 2015


margarita machine and law books

Kat's Christmas party was in the office this year, they provided a margarita machine.  

orange fox cookie jar 

My mom has left for Christmas with my sister in Nebraska, we had our first round of gifts on the eve of her departure, just after watching Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens. She once gain received an orange fox cookie jar, and she was able to keep it this time.

star wars christmas 2015 

2015 will surely go down in history as the Star Wars Christmas.  

star wars christmas 2015 

#2 son is in love with his multi-tool.  

Kylo Ren at Chinatown Westlak dim sum austin chicken feet 

Kylo Ren went to Dim Sum at Chinatown with us, he took all the chicken feet.  

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