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#monkeytown6 dinner in the cube!

#monkeytown6 austin

Kat and I enjoyed an evening out at Monkey Town 6. Tickets include a five course dinner, wine, gratuity and tax. We dined inside a giant cube made from four screens displaying video art. It was a fun experience.  

The view from outside the cube (above), and from our table inside (below).  

monkey town 6 austin 



The food was all delicious but some courses suffered from being prepared in a cold warehouse kitchen. The steaks were flavorful, but slightly overcooked and arrived quite a while after they had been grilled, only slightly warm-ish. Still, no real complaints, we ate it all. 

#monkeytown 6 emily breedlove soprano  carolyn gould flutist 

The highlight of the evening, Emily Breedlove (Soprano) and Carolyn Gould (flute) provided a lovely musical accompaniment to the silent film portion.  

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