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Mesquite Halloween

Halloween with friends.

red angel girl, pirate girl, mime guy

The daughter is happy to use her tri-fold hat she purchased in Quebec.  

harpy fairy 

#2 son had a solid plan this Halloween. He decided some time back that he would be a Harpy (some sort of feathered and multi-colored fairy). It's what he really wanted, so we made it happen. He was confident in his fairy suit. He really attacked the trick or treat plan and ran up to each house and confidently collected his rewards. #1 son decided it was OK to go trick or treating with NO costume. We won't let that happen again next year. No dressing up, no asking treats.


west lake hills texas owl 

Enjoyed a dinner at some friends back yard when this owl casually flew over and looked down on us.

Back Yard Project update:

A few years back, we hired a professional tree trimming crew. I watched carefully, made mental notes (I've got plenty of unused room up there). I bought myself a tree trimming pole and have been curating the trees myself. This mesquite was sort of bushy back then. The branches drug down to the ground. After several years of pruning the lower branches, it's turned into a focal point for our new patio space.

As the project nears completion, we took the opportunity to have a family sketch.  

austin mod house back yard mesquite patio 

Everybody turned in a version of the Mesquite. In no particular order, each submission is offered below. 

texas mesquite drawing one 

texas mesquite drawing two  

texas mesquite drawing three 

texas mesquite drawing four 

texas mesquite drawing five 

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