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October 26, 2015

Blanton Moderno B-Scene and Carillon

It'd been a while since we stopped at Carillon. Chef Josh Watkins is no longer there, but they have reintroduced Happy Hour. The food was still good, the drinks were good and the prices were good, TWO THUMBS UP!

austin carillon ut happy hour

cocktails at carillon autin ut 

redfish crudo carillon austin  

We parked at Carillon and walked to the Blanton for the Moderno B-Scene party.  

blanton b scene members lounge 

Ok, that's enough pictures of us.... Here are some pictures from the exhibit. 

blanton moderno 

blanton moderno 

blanton moderno 

blanton moderno 

Back at AMH... extreme rain has put a stop to my back yard project. At least the rain is good for the zoysia sod we recently laid.

And it looks like somebody is now a tree climber... when did his happen? 

westlake mequite patio 

October 19, 2015

Ein Prosit! October in German Central Texas- Austoberfest

The Texas Hill Country had many German immigrants, they brought their beer and their sausage. October is the time of year that the oppressive summer heat starts to yield to a more comfortable environment for outdoor festivities. A celebration of sausage and beer, to the tune of the chicken dance and polka music seems a fitting manner to spend an afternoon/evening.

Sausage, all you can eat:

austin frank sausage austoberfest 

austoberfest austin octoberfest 2015 

sausage festival austin octoberfest austoberfest 2015 

sausage at austoberfest 2015 austin octoberfest 

german asian gerasian boys austoberfest austin 2015 

My mom came and picked up the boys. Kat and I stayed to enjoy the beer component of the festival.

german girl stein austoberfest 2015 austin 


chin-lift no more double chin pics 

(chin lift action shot) 

austoberfest 2015 Austin Saengerrunde 

Kat and I estimate we can do this for another fifty years. The future us posed with us for inspiration.  

austin octoberfest 2015 austoberfest 

cute couple austin austoberfest 2015 guy in dirndl dress 

how cute...

The bands played on into the night. The Chicken Dance, Ein Prosit, Roll Out the Barrel...  

czech melody makers austoberfest 2015 

It was a beautiful evening, and the German-ish people danced. Everybody was so happy.  

dancers at austoberfest 2015 austin german octoberfest 

Meanwhile... Austin continues to change/grow. The new UT Medical school can be seen rising above the historic Scholz Garten.

austoberfest 2015 scholz garten  


Scholz Garten has been in continuous operation since 1866 making it the oldest operating business in Texas. 

October 12, 2015

ACL Music Festival 2015, week two

cheers at odd duck

We had a friend staying with us for ACL, celebrated the night before the festival at Odd Duck.

Then we caught some live music in the park, a few of the acts shown here... 

Royal Blood ACL 2015 Austin 

Royal Blood 

billy idol acl 2015 snarl 

Billy Idol 

billy idol thumbs up acl 2015  

Thumbs UP from Billy.  

modest mouse acl 2015 

Modest Mouse,

amason acl austin city limits music festival 2015  


kurt vile and the violators acl 2015 austin 

Kurt Vile and the Violators 

kurt vile austin city limits music festival 2015  

There were many, many people in the park... 



acl zilker park austin city limits 

People, people, people everywhere.. 

zilker park austin ckyline 2015 acl music festival

The Austin Skyline has changed so much in the past decade.  

acl flask man  

Interesting look from the guy about to take a pull from his flask.

florence and the machine acl 2015 headliner sunday night  

We closed the festival with Florence and the Machine Sunday night.

#2 son had heard so much about ACL. He asked to join us on Saturday.  

kids at acl  

He stayed for one show, Glass Animals. Mostly, he played on his phone. He did good and didn't complain about all the walking.  

cornhole bean bag toss acl craft beer tent 

Nice bean bag toss. 

sushi at chinatown westlake bee caves rd

We capped our evenings with sushi at Chinatown Westlake (walking distance from the event) 

chinatown westlake sushi jorge 


Jorge concentrating on our sushi.  


October 05, 2015

Jazz, America's Classical Music, Piano recital

Our Piano instructor, Owen Summers, hosted a recital. He also played a song as he explained some elements of live Jazz performances. They did a demonstration on "trading fours"

All three of our kids also performed. This was #2 sons first recital. He was relaxed about it and did a great job.

piano recital 

piano recital future jazz man 

#1 son was having a bad day. This is the look he gives me if I'm caught taking his pic when he is not in the mood.


The daughter got back into the recital game after not participating for a while. She did great on Wonderwall (Oasis).

jazz student of owen summer austin

 kids happy hour at trace austin w hotel

After the recital, my favorite part of the weekend winding down, HH at Trace with friends who also had kids in the recital. All the kids did a great and deserved the meal with friends.

trace austin patio weather 

roasted bone marrow 


now, how about some jazz....

Blanco River Cabin Escape

Fall weather makes our place in Wimberley much easier to enjoy. Nights are cool enough that air conditioning is not necessary and meals in the screen room are pleasant.

But first we spent some time at the river...


fall shaddows on the blanco river wimberley oct 15 





blanco river fisher store road october 2015 

blanco river rapids happy hour 

Ya know... he spent way too much time on that iPhone anyhow...


Kat wanted shish kabobs for dinner, and they turned out great.  

sunrise wimberley fall 2015 


It was a beautiful sunrise too.

Meanwhile, back at Austin ModHouse... We're still working on a back yard entertainment area. This weeks project is nearly done...

stacked block planter wall