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September 28, 2015

Lake Day (Lake Travis)

#1 son was invited to go boating on the lake with friends. He'd never really been on a ski boat, but he couldn't wait to get in the water and go as fast as he could, for as long as he could.

tubing lake travis 












After a day speeding around the lake, we enjoyed the weather on the patio at Porter Ale House 

porter ale house sliders austin 

slider boy austin 

Strange Pilgrims and Rattle INN

jones center austin contmporary

We attended the Strange Pilgrims member's opening reception at the Contemporary Austin Enjoyed some beverages and food on the rooftop of the Jones Center.

austin downtown rooftop party 

sony 16mm f2 e mount selfie 

selfie taken with the sony e-mount 16mm f2, not as bad as I'd read.  

It wasn't all cocktails and cheese, we experienced the art too... 

strange pilgrims austin art  

A. Rains Austin Art strange pilgrims 

rattle inn eanes parents night out 

Closed the evening at the Rattle Inn for a school fund raiser.

More Strange Pilgrims the next day. Made #1 son take a break from his math HW to take in some art. He was skeptical, not so thrilled.  

strange pilgrims laguna gloria 

strange pilgrims laguna gloria austin 


strange pilgrims laguna gloria bubbles 

Then he found the giant bubble machine...  

strange pilgrims laguna gloria austin bubble machine 

They salvaged a chunk of bubble and rolled it away... 


September 21, 2015

Big Yellow Sun on the West


Ever feel like the big yellow Sun should just come down and swallow you up? 

swallowed by the sun 

Not much good came from the past week.  Testing a new pocketable "pancake lens" for the sony a5100, the 16mm f2 does not have the best reputation, but I got it cheap and it suits my purpose as being wide, fast and thin. (handheld selfie above, plenty wide)

deconstructed spicy tuna sushi 

Sometimes I put more effort into presentation, others I just dump it all into a pile. This week was clearly a pile week, but I put in the effort anyhow.  

mcm steelcase milo baughman style  arm chairs  

I don't need more chairs for sitting. We have more chairs than we do bottoms. But I attend the occasional estate sale where I find chairs that need homes. I consider this adoption more of a temporary, or foster home. They will be placed in forever homes early 2016. Unless the sun swallows me up before that time.

September 14, 2015

Prelog's European Kitchen, in Austin TX

At the end of a stressful week, Kat and I ducked out for a fancy culinary trip to Europe via Prelog's Kitchen.

amuse at perlog's european kitchen and bar

We had a great table with a clear view of the kitchen. They gave us an Amuse, Cucumber soup with a Goat Cheese Foam.

(I'm going from memory here, I'm fairly sure I have all posted details correct) 

perlog's seared scallop austin

Seared Scallop with Scallop Sashimi 


Perlog's European Kitchen and Bar Steak tartare 

Beef Tartare (and nearly a dozen little bits of special edible accessories) 

prelog's restaurant austin cured char 

Cured Char 

perlog's european kitchen and bar austin 

Each dish had many different components making each bite different, but delicious.

This was one of the best meals we've ever had. It was as delicious as it was beautiful. The staff was very friendly and generous. We can't wait to return. (Yes, they have a HH, they call it Blue Hours. Tuesday to Saturday: 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm). 

perlog's austin  

How do they get those plates to come out with such attention to detail? It was not uncommon to see as many as four different Chef come by and contribute to one plate using an assortment of tweezers, squeeze bottles and varied tools of precision.  A lovely ballet ensues, so full of form and color. 

perlog's eurpoean austin restaurant 

mezcal jelly with white chocolate mousse  

Kat had the five course tasting while I ordered two small plates a la carte. This resulted in a sampling of six savory dishes and one delicious dessert that included white chocolate mousse, peaches and mezcal jelly.  

beautiful wife 

Thanks to my beautiful wife for joining me on this culinary trip to Modern Europe through the Kitchen of Prelog.  


Yard landscape project, progress update


ocatilla and yucca babies 

We planted a row of Ocotilla and Red Yucca babies that were either grown from seed or cuttings from plants we already own.  

blue agave and retama 

We also relocated close to a dozen Blue Agave of various sizes from the front area.  

wheel barrel boy  

The weather was too nice to let them stay inside, it was good to have some helpers.  

poppy seed kolache 

His traditional Sunday morning food, the poppy seed kolache. Shown on our most recent table ware upgrade, new plates for daily usage, rather square. 

September 10, 2015

Imaginary Infinity Edge Pool and Cabana

Our "swim-spa" needs to be replaced with a real pool. While I'm dreaming, I might as well put a cabana (pool house) at the opposite end.

 inifnity edge pool 



The view above would be from the screen room.  


This view would be as seen from the dining table.  


This image shows the infinity edge detail as requested by the Kat, "just like the one at the W Hotel Pool" 

September 08, 2015

The long, long Excursion of change

I like change, otherwise I get bored and feel stagnated. Change, or the idea of change, is unsettling for Kat. We have been experiencing change good, and bad.  

7.3 liter diesel ford excursion tow vehicle 

It's unlikely we'll ever see a consumer vehicle of this size again.  

We never planned to sell our 7.3 liter Powerstroke (diesel) Excursion. It's known to be one of the best tow vehicles ever made, and that's what we used it for. It also saw use if we ever needed to seat extra people when we had guests and didn't want to use two cars. We were pleasantly surprised to find the Excursion had held its value. It was worth nearly the same as we paid for it eight years ago. I listed it for sale, and then the transmission started to slip. Even with the failure of the trans, we still managed to find a new owner. He flew in from Missouri and limped the truck all the way home.

The new yard area: 

new yard area west lake hills  

Hard to imagine we couldn't even walk across this area before.

custom steel garden box Austin 

The first completed area has been Xeriscaped. 

westlake steel landscape border 

Working my way around the perimeter before we attack the center area.  

modern in west lake hills garden 

Marvin is no longer with us. Wildlife is returning. Raccoon have been getting into the koi pond, skunk have been up next to the house digging in Kat's chive garden. Kay-so is still busy killing mice. But we sort of like the Fox. 

west lake hills fox texas 

We have a family of Foxes that I see almost daily. Kay-so the cat is comfortable with them as well. I don't believe she is in danger. She's twice the size of that fox. The fox often stops to look at me through the kitchen window.  

leaning pear wimberley creek  

We drove down to Wimberley for lunch at the Leaning Pear and then a quick dip in the river at our place down there.  

blanco river sept 2015 wimberley 

Weekly Family HH report: St Philip 

St Philip has been a regular stop for us but we'd never been able to make it for Happy Hour. The Labor Day Holiday enabled us to make it for their Monday HH 3 till close! 

st philip happy hour food austin 

We found eight items on the $4HH menu. There were six of us. Kat loves to sample an entire menu when she can, so we did. The waitress was a little shocked when I told her "one of everything" and pointed to the HH menu. She was certain I was joking. It turned out to be plenty of food and we got to sample it all. Everything was delicious and I'd not be ashamed to order "one of everything" again! 

st philip austin happy hour food  

Texas craft beers are also $4 a pint during HH.