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Summer trip day Five, Montreal

breakfast at le cartet montreal

We started our day with that amazing breakfast at Le Cartet. The waitress scolded me for only ordering three breakfast plates for five people. We'd been before and recalled the meals were large, and a child doesn't really eat as much as an adult. I stuck to my original order. I don't like stuffing myself till I feel full and bloated. I'd rather eat six small meals a day than three really big ones. We had plenty of food. It was good... just not sure it was $100+ good (price with taxes and tip).

I had a second reason for returning to Le Cartet...

le cartet montreal ground cherry confiture 

Last year the TSA confiscated my Ground Cherry jelly... I had returned to repurchase it. I have no idea what this stuff tastes like, but I won't be deprived of satisfying my curiosity.  

daughter got a great Lytro Field Camera pic of the Jelly and I. (hint, click around on the pic to change the focus)  

old port montreal 

It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day for a walk through the old port and old town areas.  

montreal old town 

old montreal  


That was a wedding on the other side of the fountain. We copied their poses. 

#2 son needs food chinatown montreal 

this is what #2 son looks like when he starts to run out of fuel... 

hand stretched noodles in montreal chinatown 

Kat selected a noodle restaurant in Chinatown section of Montreal. The noodles are hand stretched in the front window.  

chinese noodles montreal chinatown 

chinatown montreal hand stretched noodles 

Those noodles were good. Two MEDIUM sized bowls fed us well.  

chinatown montreal noodles   

macaraons montreal jazz festival international casino 

We went back to get those macarons we'd seen the day before.  

macaraons montreal jazz festival 2015 casino 

The strawberry-rhubarb macaron was something special, they were all good.  

west trainz 

I'd taken the family to see West Trainz. BUT, this musical act is mobile. The crowds made it stressful to keep track of everybody while trying to predict where that musical train was heading next. It was fun, but it tested the limits of patience and fortitude. We took the kids back to the hotel. 

le bremner montreal seafood old town  

Le Bremner! No signage, just a red light hanging over basement stairs.  

le bremner montreal  

"AMAZING" craft cocktails and PEI oysters too.  

L'Autre Version Montreal 

We sampled some apps from L'Autre Version. Our favorite was the Homemade foie gras terrine (below) 

L'Autre Version foie gras stravwberry rhubarb cookie 

foie gras, Rhubarb compote, pralin, M. Legault strawberries and pea tendril

basilica notre dame at night montreal 

We closed the evening walking around Notre Dame Basilica 

old montreal at night by notre dame 


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