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Secret Bar Tour of 2015

I'd been running my mouth (again) about some secret bars I knew of. Friends suggested I organize a tour to prove the existence of said "secret bars"... so I did.

Parkside bar area 

Secret bars don't serve food so we started with some solids at Parkside.

midnight cowboy modelling oriental massage austin 

I reserved a back room at Midnight Cowboy Modelling, secret bar #1. Behind an unmarked, locked door on busy stretch of (dirty) 6th street, cocktails are made fancy, creative, and every one of them good.

Our group grew to fill our private room.  

midnight cowboy modelling austin tx secret bar 

Oh, yeah... I brought along some Real Sticks from Vermont, spicy and salty went well with the craft cocktails. I even shared some Vermont Smoked meat stick with one of the bartenders....  bar cart midnight cowboy modelling austin bar

Our room had velvet curtains for privacy. There was a switch on the wall used to indicate a need for a server. Some drinks are served table side, from a rolling bar cart. The service, cocktails, and experience was a good deal of fun.

best wurst austin 6th street 

Kat can't walk past that Best Wurst. She LOVES it. We all did.

6th street best wurst food cart austin 2015 

firehouse lounge hostel secret bar 

Stop #2 on the secret bar tour, Firehouse Lounge. Access to this bar is via sliding book case (hidden door) found in a Hostel Lobby. I'm thinking now, I probably should've taken a pic of that bookcase/door.

Secret Bar #3 would have been Garage, but they don't open on Sunday... The tour will be continued.

We did the only reasonable thing we could think of, Peche' Sunday night Happy Hour and dinner.

Kat and I enjoyed the Bone Marrow and Frites. 

peche bone marrow and frites 

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