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Holiday Lights, the Trail of and Mozart's Coffee Roaster

austin trail of lights 2014

I'm pretty good at planning ahead, we purchased a Trail of Lights parking permit earlier in the week. We got there early, followed the signs that read "Parking Permit Left Lane, Buses Right Lane". So I drove in the left lane, found that the regular parking area was blocked off so I turned around and headed back. Then some guy jumped out in front of us with a flashlight and told us the park was closed for the trail of lights. I explained that we had a parking permit, was following the signs. He ended up making us leave the park, on the other side... with no reasonable method to get back to the parking area. It was just after 6 PM, rush hour. I had to drive through downtown, get on mopac north of the park, drive south of the park and then get in line for 20 minutes to get back to the sign "Parking Permit Left Lane..." we lost nearly an hour due to their lack of coordination. I was not happy, but the lights were pretty.

austin trail of lights letter to santa 2014 

The main goal of our TOL adventure, mailing the letter to Santa. 

austin trail o lights ut globe 2014 

UT had a nice exhibit. We'll be happy if they go to UT, yes that's OK with us. 

zilker trail of lights UT globe 2014 

zilker park austin trail of lights 2014 

candyland zilker austin trail of lights 

and free candy.... 

candyland trail of lights austin  

schuster zilker trail of lights austin 2014 

We also managed to find the time to see the Holiday Light Show at Mozart's Coffee Roasters

mozart's coffee roasters holiday light show

motzaarts light show coffee roasters 2014 

motzart's hot chocolate 2014 austin  

Kids enjoyed hot chocolate. 


HBD Kat 

AND! The Kat had a birthday, we celebrated with spicy chicken and big beers (PLUCKER'S

handmade birthday gift pluckers 

She received some hand made gifts from her family. 


cashmere dress birthday  

And a cashmere sweater dress.... so soft and cuddly. 

it was a busy week that also included the Quiet Company Holiday party at our home. It was SO busy, we managed to forget that we had tickets to the Nutcracker... and we had orchestra section, third row seats... this goes to prove what I often say, "it's not an official event till we make an entry in the iPhone calendar". somehow, neither of us had it in the calendar.   

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