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Montreal Notre Dame and the FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL de JAZZ

Started our day with French breakfast at La Cartet. 

Le Cartet Montreal breakfast 

bowl of cafe au laiat at le cartet 

Kat was quite happy with her café au lait bowl I ordered her. Said it was the best coffee she ever had.

old montreal 

Walked along the park and water in Old Montreal.

tsa confiscated some of our food from quebec 

We'd purchased some fancy food items from Le Cartet, most of it made it back to the USA. TSA confiscated the ground cherry jam...   

basilica notre dame montreal 

basilica notre dame montreal 


basilica notre dame montreal 

lunch in china town montreal 

I knew a Chinese lunch in Chinatown would please Kat. I'd bookmarked a place on yelp a few months back.

handmade dumplings Montreal chinatown 

Dumplings are made to order.

montreal chinatown  

These dumplings were really good, and cheap too! $7.99 per 15, extra $1.50 if you want them pan fried.

soup in dumplings montreal 

Kat also had some "soup-in" dumplings, that also had soup out...

fried dumplings montreal chinatown 

(I know the pic is sideways)

happy dumplings of montreal 

nyk's bistro montreal

We went back for more Summer Weizen.

nyk's bistro pub montreal french onion soup 

and the kids loved the French Onion Soup at Nyk's Bistro. The soup was not so salty like so many places prepare it here (USA) 

Montreal International Festival de JAZZ 

It just so happened to be Montreal International Festival de Jazz while we where there. This is a free event, no tickets required (to most of the shows). And YES, that is carpet on the floor, and sofas and coffee tables and table service...  a festival goer could get used to this sort of luxury. 


international jazz festival montreal  

Riot and the Blue Devils Montreal Jazz Festival

Riot and the Blue Devils 

montreal international jazz festival heineken tent 

katy guillen & the girls montreal jazz festival

Katy Guillen & The Girls

ibrahim electric montreal festival de jazz 

Ibrahim Electric really impressed everybody in the tent.  Rock, Jazz and Funk...  some great extended jams... #1 son bought a CD from the band after the show. Kat had them sign it.

ibrahim electric 

ibrahim electric montreal 

crepe shop montreal 

We got the kids crepes to eat for dinner back at the W, and some macaroons that had been acquired earlier in the day... 

macaroons montreal 

brutopia montreal 

We found local beers at Brutopia and had some good food from Otto there at the W (below)

Otto Montreal w hotel restaurant 

We were just about the only people in Otto. We chatted with the staff and the Chef came out and gave us instructions on where we could buy the local cheeses featured on their cheese board. We did get lunch at the Atwater Market, and we did buy cheese, but in a series of mishaps and errors, did not bring back any of that delicious cheese.  #1 son did purchase some Challerhocker, and that did make it past the TSA, but I can buy that cheese here at the Central Market.  BUT I did find the rental car keys and did find my ipad, both had been misplaced for a brief but stressful moment of time.  But all's well that ends well.  we packed it up and made the short drive to USA (Vermont) 



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